3 Women 3 Paths

Five of my works were exhibited in the Art Fair Step Istanbul between 16-30 November as part of the exhibition Three Women Three Paths by Halka Art Project.

“As an initiative open to diverse artistic views, halka sanat projesi supports authentic work and individual, poetic voices. Within the scope of STEP 2020 Contemporary Art Fair halka presents works by Baysan Yüksel, Belkıs Taşkeser and Sevda Bad.
Since its initiation the inclusion of women in halka as well as their representation has been an uncalculated, spontaneous fact.
Far from being a sexist perspective, this is the result of genuine engagement of similar souls who can act together, be part of each other’s process, by taking different roles and give support to each other. This engagement is blended with a completing male energy and creates the authentic halka spirit.
Now this structure brings together three artists who are at different stages in their practice under the title of “Three Women Three Paths”. Baysan Yüksel, Belkıs Taşkeser and Sevda Bad’s common denominator is not being female artists as one can easily be mistaken. It is their creative universe, passion towards their profession and their deep sensibilities in experiencing their environment and responses to life. Their natural mode of building and holding relations which fall near the spirit of halka is also a complementary reason behind the invitation to exhibit together.
As a child Belkıs was interested in drawing and she restarted it in the 1970s. She has exhibited in Paris, İstanbul, Ankara and San Francisco. During the years she lived in Paris, her works have been accepted to La Maison des Artistes. Instead of following the contemporary art movements she prefers to take inspiration from the living cultures and creates works nourished by diverse ethnographic roots which she molds with an innate, intrinsic knowledge.
Baysan creates works in various media such as drawing, painting, collage, artist books and movies. In her work, she investigates the routines of daily life, beliefs, traditions and consumption sometimes in a magical reality sometimes in a world that she creates with atypical elements. In her world natural elements and animal symbols that repeat are often present in metaphorical forms.
The youngest among three in her artistic journey, Sevda who is molded with halka’s dough is devoted to drawing. As an artist she also comes from an art management background. Her main focus is individual human stories around which she creates an environment and an atmosphere. In Sevda’s hand colour, texture and material grow with experiment and discovery.
With the selection “Three Women Three Paths” halka sanat projesi keeps the promise of its manifesto and “enlarges by taking within and becomes halka (circle) with its content.”
The selection is open to view between 16-30 November 2020 during the STEP Istanbul Contemporary Art Fair and during the following week at Tomtom Kaptan Sokak No: 1 Beyoğlu, an independent venue hosted by Tomtom Kırmızı.” by Halka Art Project.

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