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derler ki

There is a gathering of the storytellers at Mardin Museum between 2-8 October.

I made a tapestry for the exhibition derler ki (they say so) which will be exhibited on both sides. Exhibition focuses on the inner pains of the participants. My work is called limbs unknown. Which is a subject I’ve been working on lately. I will post more works about that.

Here are photos from my work and process of the tapestry.








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this is how you dream

I started to make video shorts about dreams, dream states, dreamscapes and nightmares. Here is the first video of my video dream journal:

More will follow.

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the summer has gone

a quick look into summer studio

20150724_104056 20150725_130920 20150725_130927 20150801_193306 20150805_090652 20150805_090718 20150805_091506 20150820_172107 20150820_192615 20150821_123620 20150824_123113 20150824_123117 20150824_123124 20150829_113517 20150901_124004 20150901_144427

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all we go to hell

“In interviews Høeg has said that the story is not autobiographical. He wouldn’t explain why he used the name.”

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run this monster

do not run but stand, do not stand but run this monster

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bu böyle böyle


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