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Limbs Unknown / Solo Show

Curated by Marcus Graf my latest solo show was at
Büyükdere 35 between 26 September- 10 November 2018

eng In this world, where we have difficulty in understanding how the time passes, the troubles we suddenly feel, and the anxieties we develop with the feeling of dread triggered by the efforts for finding a place in life are the concepts the exhibition “Limbs Unknown” deals with. Baysan Yüksel’s insight, “survival mechanisms we develop during the evolutionary process is triggered unexpectedly, and we become our enemy” constitutes the conceptual frame of the exhibition. Paintings resembling the sequences from dark tales, and the projection of personal and social face downs are described with an octopus, a species who has complete different feelings than humans. The artist, associating the flexible and polydactyl anatomy of the octopus with the unknown feelings, correlates temporary feelings with the wind, whereas linking fragility with the water. The exhibition titled “Limbs Unknown” centers upon the state of astonishment triggered by the anxieties.

The exhibition focuses on making the viewers remember and feel the short moments where the emotional burden is felt as a result of the triggered unknown and untraceable anxieties by freezing them. 

tr Zamanın nasıl akıp gittiğini anlamakta zorlandığımız bu dünyada aniden içimize doğan sıkıntılar, hayatta yer bulma çabalarının tetiklediği dehşet duygusu ile büyüttüğümüz kaygılar ”Bilinmeyen Uzuvlar” adlı sergide Baysan Yüksel tarafından “Evrimsel süreçte geliştirdiğimiz hayatta kalma mekanizmaları, tuhaf anlarda tetiklenip bizi kendi kendimizin düşmanı haline getirebiliyor.” İçgörüsüyle” ele alınıyor. Karanlık masalların sekanslarını andıran pentürler, bireysel ve toplumsal yüzleşmelerin iz düşümü. Bu duyguları, insana en uzak türlerden biri olan ahtapot figürüyle betimliyor. Esnek ve çok uzuvlu anatomiye sahip olan ahtapot, yaşadığımız bu hislerin değişkenliğini ve bilinmezliğini sembolize ediyor. Rüzgar ile duyguların uçuculuğunu, su ile kırılganlığı anlatıyor. Yaşanılan kaygılardan dolayı oluşan donakalma anına vurgu yapıyor.

Bilinmeyen, izi sürülemeyen bir kaygı tetiklendiğinde oluşan duygu yükünün hissedildiği mikro saniyelik anları dondurarak izleyiciye yeniden hatırlatmaya ve hissettirmeye odaklanıyor.

Artful Living Röportajı: Yetişkin Olmak Zorunda Kalan Çocuklarız Hepimiz

Art Unlimited Röportajı:Kaygının Temsili


Grey Eyes / Gri Gözler, 40 x30 cm, Acrylics on Canvas, 2018

The Wind / Rüzgar, 110 x140 cm, Acrylics on Canvas, 2018

Elephant Shoe, 120 x90 cm, Acrylics on Canvas, 2018

Deep Water / Derin Sular, 120 x100 cm, Acrylics on Canvas, 2018

The Curtain Inbetween a.k.a Light as a Feather Stiff as a Board / Aradaki Perde a.k.a Tahta Gibi Sert Tüy Gibi Hafif, 120 x160 cm, Acrylics on Canvas, 2018

Sarı / Yellow, 25 x35 cm, Acrylics on Canvas, 2018

Protecting the Rock / Kayayı Korumak, 40 x30 cm, Acrylics on Canvas, 2018

Bathysphere / Batisfer, 50 x 70 cm, Acrylics on Wood, 2018

Night Sky / Gece Göğü, 60 x 50 cm, Acrylics on Canvas, 2018

House / Ev, 100 x 100 cm, Acrylics on Canvas, 2018

Waves / Dalgalar, 32 x24 x35 cm, Mixed Media, 2018

The Red Thread / Kırmızı İp, 45 x90 cm, Acrylics on Canvas, 2018

Heart / Kalp, 50 x35 cm, Silk Screen Print, ed.50 + 1AP, 2018

12 Deep / 12 Kat Derin, 35 x25 cm, Acrylics on Canvas, 2018

Waterfall / Şelale, 60 x40 cm, Acrylics on Canvas, 2018

Blue Butterfly / Mavi Kelebek, 90 x120 cm, Acrylics on Canvas, 2018

White Flowers, Pink Flowers / Beyaz Çiçekler, Pembe Çiçekler, 100 x70 cm, Acrylics on Canvas, 2018

From The Opening Night:


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derler ki

There is a gathering of the storytellers at Mardin Museum between 2-8 October.

I made a tapestry for the exhibition derler ki (they say so) which will be exhibited on both sides. Exhibition focuses on the inner pains of the participants. My work is called limbs unknown. Which is a subject I’ve been working on lately. I will post more works about that.

Here are photos from my work and process of the tapestry.







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The Artist’s House

Art50 has created a new space for their website called Artist’s Notebook and I contributed with this short piece of writing:


I shuffled a bit the notebook I filled this winter. A small, bluish, striped notebook… It’s written “dream and explore” on it, with transparent clouds underneath, covered with stars. I have a small storage room at home. Inside, hundreds of such notebooks, written, drawn, filled, semi-filled, one on top of the other; awaiting to be sorted, selected, cleaned out. It deeply annoys me; sometimes I want to destroy the entire house, all my creations at once, and step into an empty home. I don’t do it; I will soon turn that empty house into this one with other texts, drawings and paintings. It will be no different than this one. I wonder if this is another kind of hoarding… I don’t collect paper bags or newspapers but I collect my own works and creations.

Mom and grandma used to cite a lot of expressions. When I was little, I never could understand the metaphoric meaning of these expressions, and thus I made up new meanings for them.  I even became angry when talked to as such. As if these expressions solved our problems. The problem persists; but well done, we have found the appropriate expression for it!


My mother often says:   “You close the door, the treshold remains inside”. We keep our tail upright outside; no matter if we explode inside! If you ask me, the inner treshold should be strong instead, so that you can close the door properly. If the inner treshold has exploded, I don’t care what the ones outside would think… Anyhow, what I want to tell is something else; I got mad over this expression thing again. As I make it up and reinterpret it, for me, the treshold inside when I close the door is my personal kingdom, the truth that I live inside a castle. My castle is eighty meters-square… Inside it, rooms, rooms, secret rooms, tunnels, libraries, workshops, kitchens, closets, underground cellars; anything you look for, let’s also add the ghosts, the monsters, various doors opening to various dimensions and planets. I live in a fantastic house, I mean. It only has one problem; it doesn’t work when you try to fit all these things into eighty meters-square. On top of that, my workshop is in my house too, as well as my storage. Every year I move into this humble castle of mine, books don’t fit in closets or under beds. Paintings go on top of each other, in the closets, everywhere, on the walls… Notebooks a pile, pile pile… I feel like throwing them all away, but in truth, what I want to do more is to build a museum. I want to live and work in a waste space… This is my wish…



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life is a dragon

illustrations for nespresso pixie clips




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eat play love

Eat Play Love group show with art50 @ Eataly Istanbul  3 Oct- 30 Nov 2015

Artists: Seçil Yaylalı, Cins, Genco Gülan, Beril Ateş, Azime Sarıtoprak, Beyza Paksın, Taşkın Esin, Göksu Gül, Begüm Mütevellioğlu, Baysan Yüksel

My work for the show is titled The Monster, selected parts of the painting were re-imagined in 3d and sculpted for this show.











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the summer has gone

a quick look into summer studio

20150724_104056 20150725_130920 20150725_130927 20150801_193306 20150805_090652 20150805_090718 20150805_091506 20150820_172107 20150820_192615 20150821_123620 20150824_123113 20150824_123117 20150824_123124 20150829_113517 20150901_124004 20150901_144427

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seeing the unseen in the light of the seen:

Serpent is my second solo show at Artnext Istanbul. All the artworks are based on the dual symbolisms of the snake. The show can be seen between 05.05.2015- 06.06.2015 at Artnext Istanbul.





01Atlas, 100 x 100 cm on wood, 2015

DSC_0046Atlas, detail

02On the lap of the giant, 100 x 100 cm on wood, 2015

03Cycle, 100 x 100 cm on wood, 2015

04The door, 100 x 100 cm on wood, 2015


Stairs, 100 x 100 cm on wood, 2015

06Medusa is learning to love her serpents, 100 x 100 cm on wood, 2015



07Connection, 100 x 100 cm on wood, 2015

08This son is not that sun, 100 x 100 cm on wood, 2015


The elephant has accidentally swallowed eternity that day, 100 x 100 cm on wood, 2015

10Bending the reality, 100 x 100 cm on wood, 2015

DSC_0075 copyPhotos of artworks: Çağdaş Uyanık

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