Baysan Yuksel (1984) aka Bayananderson, creates a diverse selection of work that includes drawing, painting, collage, artists books, sculpture, and movies. Her work questions and inverts everyday life, routines, beliefs, traditions, and consumption.
She exhibited her work on various shows in Istanbul, New York, Bristol, Amsterdam, Berlin, Barcelona and many other cities.

“When walking on a thin line, reality tends to fall apart. But what if it is already fell apart and what I see is not the reality itself. Then I sit back and relax. I have my kingdom, and it shall never fall apart. “

Selected Shows

A Season in Hell, Alan Istanbul, 7 March- 7 Apr.,Istanbul
Eat-Play-Love, Art50/Eataly, 3 Oct.- 30 Nov 2015, Istanbul
Serpent, ArtNext Istanbul, 5 May-6 June, Solo Show
Mamut Art Project, Küçük Çiftlik Park, İstanbul, 26-29 March
Risha Project Showcase @Urban Incubator, KM8 Gallery, Belgrade12-24 December
Figurative, ArtNext İstanbul, 17 June- 30 August
Street Art Istanbul, Kassel, Germany, June-July
Entropy/ Chaos and Tao, ArtNext Istanbul, 22 October- 23 November
Wild West, ArtNext Istanbul, 14 February-14 March, Solo Show
5th International Artists Book Exhibition, King St. Stephen Museum, Hungary, 18 May-27 October
Persona, ArtNext Istanbul, 18 October- 13 November
Year of the Dragon, , Milk Gallery & Design Store, İstanbul, 6-29 September
Street Art İstanbul, Renovation Tarlabaşı, İstanbul, September
Cut & Paste /Kes Yapıştır, Galeri İlayda, İstanbul, 8 June-30 September
Post Modern Creatures, Windowist Summer Art Scene Events, 26 July-22 August, Solo Show
Collage Box ,Mileskm, London, 30 March-30 April
İkametgah Kadıköy, İstanbul,25 January- 10 March 2012
Human Condition, Hush Galery İstanbul, 15 October- 23 November
Super Subconcious, Micro Art Gallery, Belgrade 25 January -20 February
The Begining, Mini Müzikhol, İstanbul, 27 April
Indoor Grafiti, Alan İstanbul Lucca, 20 April- 16 May
Destroy İstanbul, Neurotitan Gallery, Berlin, 12 March- 2 April
Up and Coming, Artium Modern, Istanbul, 6 January- 5 February
Mxd Media, Artium Modern, Istanbul, 8-15 December
The Collage Box mit Fiona Dinkelbach, Galerie Herzblut, Braunschweig, 15 August
Drawgasmic, 2720 Art Dimensions Gallery, St Louis,MO, 10 July
You Are What You Eat, Dükkan Burger Maslak, İstanbul, 13 March
Die Zeit of Drawing- Climate Gallery, Long Island City, New York,5-27 December
Banané Sergi Volume1- Building, Istanbul, 4 December 2009- 15 January 2010
Labyrint 09 – Writings and Observations – Botkyrka Konsthall, Sweden, 7 November 2009- 13 March 2010
Baysan Yüksel, Artist Books -UWE, Bristol, 6 July -31 August Solo Show
Fear of God – İstanbul-off-spaces / Kunst-Raum, Berlin, 3 July- 16 August
The Collage Box- 12×16 Gallery- Portland, OR, November
Real Presence- Belgrade Heritage House – Belgrade, August
Restfest- Digital Hell Heaven -Istanbul- 27-30 March
Plastic City, Under Construction, Istanbul, 3 September-31 October