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festival of insignificance / kayıtsızlık şenliği

Curated by Bahar Güneş and Öykü Demirci Festival of Insignificance exhibition was held between 10 March-14 April at Halka Art Project, Istanbul. Six of my works from the I Wonderland series were selected for the group show.

halka sanat projesi brings together the paintings, photos, videos and poem installations by Baysan Yüksel, Cins, Çağrı Saray, Didem Erbaş, Doğu Çankaya, Horasan, Işıl Eğrikavuk – Jozef Erçevik Amado, İpek Çankaya and Murat Germen, in the exhibition titled “Festival of Insignificance,” curated by Bahar Güneş and Öykü Demirci. “

“We’ve known for a long time that it was no longer possible to overturn this world, nor reshape it, nor head off its dangerous headlong rush. There’s been only one possible resistance: to not take it seriously.”                                                                                                                                                MilanKundera 

“Insignificance is cynically associated with the concepts of disinterest, disregard, indifference and laxness. In his novel “Festival of Insignificance” Milan Kundera refers to another power of the words: “Insignificance is more powerful than mockery, satire, and sarcasm.” This quote can be understood as follows: To be indifferent to something, someone, or any particular situation is to question their existence. Even though it is perceived as a passive questioning at first sight, this attitude has a bigger impact than any reaction possible, even than the most violent ones as being indifferent to something means ignoring it. It means derogation of the power one has and declaring it null and void. Each statement exists as long as they find a subject for themselves and as they are responded. In this sense, insignificance deprives the opposed of existence and power.  In this day and time, insignificance as a way of resistance represents another meaning in the structures where the distinctive presences are lost, standardized crowds increased, any type of violence is normalized, different cultures lost their borders, the people differing from the majority are marginalized. In the exhibition “Festival of Significance,” taking its title from Milan Kundera’s novel, insignificance does not mean to come to terms with the age we live and have created together, integrating with it and living without questioning. On the contrary, it means seeing what is negative and seeking out what is positive. It means to mark one’s own point of view with the inspiration of the good rather than an escape plan. It means to develop your own responses and ignoring what is ongoing no matter how much it looks extensive and accepted. It means a war against any circumstance in which the individual loses faith in the possibility of a better world, and in the eternal condition of being and existence, and against any situation that prevents self realization and subjectification.  The artists, invited to “Festival of Insignificance” reveal their methods to take and not take the life seriously, and their insignificances with their solutions in the worlds they live and observe. The exhibition takes the space where personal stories and humanly and vital reactions such as disappointment, struggle, hope and resistance clash with any kind of power as a benchmark and examines the artistic responses to ways individual or collective existence based upon the questions, searchings and inspirations regarding this world. The exhibition featuring artists who have different approaches and answers to the time and environment they live in, brings together their political, poetic [and] or humourous languages of expression regarding hope  with the intension to create a holistic narrative. “

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