The Goddess In Me and Swissôtel The Bosphorus, İstanbul present the exhibition “The Goddess in Me”, on view from March 10 to June 10, 2020. Curated by İpek Yeğinsü, the exhibition features works by Baysan Yüksel, Bengisu Bayrak, Ece Gauer, Leyla Emadi, Merve Dündar and Müge Ceyhan focusing on women’s creativity, endurance, and the richness they do and can bring to social life.

The exhibition is expanded till September due to Pandemic precautions.

“Baysan Yüksel is interested in the archetypes taken from fairy tales and the collective subconscious represented by them. In her “Shadow”, she takes us into a dark forest illuminated by moonlight. The dark hand grabbing the throat of a female figure who is trying to find her way and wearing virtual reality glasses is the shadow of her own hand. In other words, she has internalized the conditions imposed on her leaving her no space to breathe in, and even on her path to freedom, she is not immune to social anxiety. To find herself, she must first leave the imaginary world she seeks refuge in to face the reality around her and save herself from those shadows.”

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