Rising From The Water

Rising From The Water was painted for Halka Art’s exhibition before their transition to the non-spatialization period. The exhibition Horses Fluent in the Wind or Flying from the Nest was named after Slyvia Plath’s poem The Eye Moth.

The Exhibition was between 22 Feb-22 March 2020 just before the quarantine had started.

Exhibition Image / Rising From The Water, 310 x 153 cm, Ink on Paper, 2020
I also made some stickers for the viewers to take home

Human beings are one of the beings that survived to date by evolving from the very first cell that came to life in water, billions of years ago. Its story is quite new, compared to the universe and the world itself. The paths it will take, the future it will be able to progress may have numerous possibilities.
Putting aside today’s challenging conditions and disasters and future disaster scenarios; What kind of hope can this being can hold and what would it do for this hope, what decisions would it make, and how would it put these decisions into action? I want to ask these questions.
I do not have an urgent answer to these questions. They are not easy questions to answer; but I think it’s still not too late to start thinking about them with both our imagination and the facts to start considering various possible scenarios.
We are all passengers of this journey. Human; Could it be a being that wants to wing with hope, imagination, knowledge, enthusiasm, calmness and sometimes surrender towards the sky and indeed the unknown?
Rising from the Water is shaped by the curiosity of the answers to this question.

From the Studio :Creation Process

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