Photos from the group show Entopy: Kaos and Tao @ ArtNext Istanbul, October 13

Contributers were Müge Akçakoca, Bulut Bagatur, Alper Bıçaklıoğlu, Serdar Çongar, Taşkın Esin, Özlem Gök, Uğur Hasekin, Ahmet Özcan, Korhan Özsoy ve Baysan Yüksel


The Tree Eater,13, 100x70cm, mixed media on canvas




From the statement of exhibition:

“The common point of the artists at the exhibition is their shared sensitivity towards the time they live in. The concept of the exhibition is conceptualized as the questioning of experiences which may at first seem as deterioration in light with “entropy” and related concepts and the artists’ responses to these personal questioning. In preparation from June onwards, “Entropy // Chaos & Tao” exhibition covers works resulted from artists’ use of their personal perception filters towards contemporary time. The exhibition meets the audience with a powerful selection which includes ten artists’ conceptual works from different art disciplines such as painting, sculpture, installation and video.”



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